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Neapolitan Style Pizza by Pizza Freaks

Freaks – Is a noun, that means “lover of or aficionado”. 

Chef Rick St. John with Chef JoseCreated by American entrepreneur Chef Ricky Lee Saint John. Pizza Freaks offers it's clientele the finest in authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza. For those who may not be familiar with Neapolitan Style Pizza, it's pizza created using only four (4) ingredients, flour, salt, water and yeast. With these four simple ingredients, if done correctly, can create a very flavorful and robust pizza bread.

Here at Pizza Freaks we have mastered the art of creating a Neapolitan style pizza dough that is flavorful and complex, creating a very exciting pizza experience.


Our Fire Brick Oven

Pizza Freaks Charcoal Fire Brick OvenHere at Pizza Freaks, we are proud to say that every pizza prepared by our enthusiastic and experienced staff, is baked in our own fire brick oven. Neapolitan style pizza requires a high heat, 900 degrees and above. With our fire brick oven we can bake a 14 inch pizza in about a minute and a half.

Heat removes moister from the pizza dough, many of our competitors use either a gas or electric oven, which can take up-to 12 to 15 minutes to bake a pizza. The longer you bake a pizza, the more dry the bread and fresh ingredients become. With our fire brick oven our guaranteed a fresh and tasty pizza every time.

The Neapolitan Cornicione

Cornicione of a Neapolitan Style PizzaLook closely at our pizza, you will see the large rim, "Cornicione" that provides such a nice edge to our pizza. You will also notice the black spots, "Leopard Spotting" that can only be created from a fire brick oven, you cannot achieve this look from a conventional gas or electric oven.

The cornicione should be slightly crunchy on the outside, yet soft chewy on the inside. Baking a pizza at a high heat lets you achieve the best features of a pizza, and here at Pizza Freaks this is exactly what you will get. 

However it is important to note, that this is a thin crust pizza, that falls within the international standards of 0.1 inches thickness factor. The cornicione is not considered crust, as this is the edge of a Neapolitan pizza, the curst is the bottom.

Organically Grown Vegetables

All of the vegetables used on our artisan pizzas are locally grown here in the Philippines, using only natural and organic fertilizers. Each of our vegetables are hand picked by us, to ensure that only the highest quality vegetables are being used.

Fresh Meats from Australia & New Zealand

The same goes for our meats, all of our beef, pork and lamb come from both Australia and New Zealand, the beef is Black Angus, and is grass feed. Using only the best and freshest meats available, again, this gives our company an edge when it comes to both taste and quality. 

Fresh Imported Cheeses

On the majority of our pizzas we use 100 percent whole milk Mozzarella cheese from Belgium, and like all of our other products, we spared no expense in this area, after all it's the cheese quality that truly makes the taste of a great pizza. We use only 100 percent Mozzarella di Bufala cheese imported directly from Italy on all of our Margherita and other specialty pizzas.


Pizza Freaks, Our Name

Pizza Freaks LogoYes, our name has a history, the owners, Rick St. John and Mary Jane Bangga, both love pizza very much, so much in fact that they often eat pizza twice a week. It's Rick and Jane's love of great tasting pizza and their passion for pizza that looks great also, that lead them to the name, “Pizza Freaks”. 

The term “freaks” is a noun, and by definition can mean, enthusiastic, devoted, fan, aficionado or lover of. All of these terms seemed to fit both Rick and Jane, and so because their love for pizza so much, they decided to call their company Pizza Freaks. 

Pizza Freaks is truly dedicated to all pizza lovers worldwide, come join us for some great tasting authentic Neapolitan style pizza.

Pizza Freaks, About the Owners

Rick St. John is a businessman and entrepreneur from Raleigh North Carolina, and has worked in the food industry throughout the 1980's, working as a garmache chef for the Holiday Inn, Marriott Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Capital City Club and as a store manager for Little Caesars Pizza. 

Jane Bangga has worked for the Aristocrat Restaurant here in Manila Philippines as part of the front-of-the-house staff, managing and assisting with the food servers. Jane also worked as a manager for the Mini-Stop convenience store chain, managing the store inventory and staff.

Together Rick and Jane bring fresh ideas to the fast-casual food industry, being the first pizza restaurant to offer over 50 delicious gourmet Neapolitan style pizzas to the Philippines at affordable prices, something we believe the general public is ready to embrace.

Currently we have one store providing dine in and delivery throughout the Metro-Manila area, with plans to expand, adding more delivery stores as-well-as dine-in stores.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred choice for delicious artisan pizza, created with the freshest ingredients and delivered to your home or office hot, at an affordable price.

Our Mission:

  • To provide lovers of great pizza an opportunity to franchise a pizza store serving a high quality product at affordable prices.
  • To continuously provide a unique product created with the freshest and most relevant ingredients.
  • To challenge the industry by being an innovator and leader of quality pizza, and excellent service.