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Pizza Freaks Franchise For Sale


Pizza Freaks Franchise For Sale for those who wish to be self employed. If you have been thinking about owning a pizza store, but have been afraid of all the startup cost associated with a new business, then you maybe interested in having a Pizza Freaks Franchise. With a franchise everything is done for you, it's a turnkey operation, so from opening day, you need to only be concerned with the operations of the store, and management of the staff. There are many fantastic benefits to owning a franchise system, however the main reason being that all of the small details have been taken care of for you. Everyone knows that if you want to have a pizza restaurant you will need a pizza oven, refrigerator, mixer and some ingredients. However, there is much more needed than that. 

Here Are Just A Few Items Needed to Start Your Own Pizza Store

  1. You will need to have a name, then create a theme around your name. 
  2. Now that you have a name, and a theme, you will need to create a menu that supports your name, and your theme.
  3. Once you have your menu written out, you will now need to start sourcing your products, and create what we call plate costing for each pizza flavor you are going to place onto the menu. 
  4. How many items will be on your menu, not enough choices and you will have a hard time getting a diverse crowd, to many choices and your food cost will skyrocket.
  5. Now that you have your menu, now you can start sourcing your equipment, this like sourcing the products is very time consuming. Many places will not allow you to test the equipment before buying, which is an issue. What if you purchase something that appears to be what you want or need, and it dose not work the way you need it to? This can become a very costly process.
  6. Now you can start creating the dining area, deciding what decor will best fit your theme and menu. Here you will need to choose lighting, wall color, floor color, table type and color, then onto chairs.
  7. This will be the time to layout your kitchen, here you will need to layout all the equipment in the proper areas, and test everything. This is also a good time to do a test run on how you will be serving your customers, to be sure everything is in the proper place.
  8. Once you are about finished, you will want to start your marketing campaigns. Start marketing to early, and people will forget you, start to late and you will not have enough people on opening day, and through the week.
  9. Now you can start searching for staff to work the kitchen and dining area. Hiring the right people for the job is very important. Always hire people who are more talented and educated about the position than you are, that is what makes a great company.

There is a host of other things that need to be considered when starting a restaurant, that we did not include here. From concept to opening day, this process could take you about 1 to 1.5 years, just depends on you.

Getting A Pizza Freaks Franchise. 

Once you signup for a Pizza Freaks franchise, depending on if you already have a space selected, the build out of your new store will take about 30 to 60 days, depending on the amount of work needed. Setting up all the equipment takes about one week. So in about 90 days or so, you can have a full operational Pizza Freaks franchise store, open, and serving customers. This is one of the big benefits of having a franchise store, time is money, we save you the time, and money by having everything ready.


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