A Gourmet Solution to Ordinary Pizza!



Pizza Freaks opened it's doors on October 28, 2014, and since has enjoyed tremendous success, we have many happy customers, who find our food to be super delicious. Why do our customers enjoy the food here at Pizza Freaks so much? It's because our food is created from only the finest ingredients, everything is made from scratch, we do not make anything from a box, can or packet.

Delicious food is make with care, and here at Pizza Freaks we care deeply about our customers, and the food that is prepared for them. As and example our Cajun roasted chicken is made using only the finest olive oil, along with our own special Cajun seasoning mix, giving our chicken a very unique and spicy taste.

Pizza Freaks offers over 80 different menu items, including several different pastas, sandwiches and pizzas

Total Pizza Course Cost – PHP10,000 per person

3 Day Individual Pizza & Dough Making Course

Visit Pizza Freaks Restaurant in Ortigas Center Today!

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