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3 Day One-On-One Commercial Pizza Making Course Php15,000

Professional Pizza Making Classes Offered:

Commercial Pizza Making Course at Pizza FreaksHere at Pizza Freaks we offer to the general public several types of pizza making class that include a three (3) day hands on pizza making class, an operations class as-well-as consulting services.

Each of our classes for pizza making and management are taught by Rick St. John, with over fifteen (15) years of restaurant and management experience, as-well-as being the owner and founder of Pizza Freaks. 

Our pizza making course has been designed for individuals who are passionate about creating authentic Italian style pizzas. Our course is comprehensive, and involves every aspect to help you master the art of creating truly awesome artisan pizza.

Please contact us at 09275103661 to schedule your one-on-one pizza making course. All payments must be paid in advance of the course, your dates are not confirmed until full payment has been made. Since this is a one-on-one course, everything is prepared in advance, if you do not show up, or miss a day, we cannot reschedule, you lose that day. No Refunds For Missed Days!

3 Day One-on-One Pizza Dough Making Class

Learning to Make Delicious & Authentic PizzasThis class is a one-on-one class, it will be you only working directly with Rick St. John or another master pizzaiolo. In this class you will learn the basic fundamentals of creating authentic dough, preparing the correct weight for different size dough balls for proper cooking and the proper storage of the dough to get the best flavor.

From the very first day you will work with master dough maker Rick St. John, learning the basics, what type of flour to use, how to properly mix the ingredients, what yeast to use, and the proper texture of the dough, and how to roll out the perfect dough ball into the correct size pizza.

Knickerbockers Pizzeria StudentsAs a student of Pizza Freaks you will learn also about different pizza ovens and the proper cooking temperature. As a student you will be cooking the pizzas, and from your hands on perspective of seeing, touching, tasting you will be learning at a very fast pace.

This 3 day pizza making course also includes teaching the proper techniques to create the very best pizza sauce and proper portion control for toppings.

This class includes comprehensive handouts that are yours to keep and study, during the course and after that include the following;

  • Different Types of Flour
  • Pizza Dough Making Procedure
  • Pizza Dough Ball Weights & Sizes
  • Food & Safe Handling
  • Proper Dough Storage
  • Freezing & Thawing Dough
  • Mixing Different Flours
  • Creating The Perfect Cornicione
  • Topping Measurements & Chart
  • Where to Purchase Products Wholesale

At the end of our 3 day training class, you will know how to create truly awesome looking and tasting artisan pizzas, you will know the secrets. This course is very intense and comprehensive, and taught to you in a fully operational Pizza Freaks training center.

Each student will receive a course completion certificate from Pizza Freaks that states that you are now a certified maker for pizza and pizza dough.

Graduating Pizza Making at Pizza Freaks

Miguel Cabral, River Jordan St. John, Rick St. John of Pizza FreaksUpon the course completion you will be fully capable and confident in your pizza making abilities, knowing that you now have the skills to create some of the best tasting pizza in the world.

Learn how to create authentic pizza, Neapolitan, Roman, Sicilian, and even New York style pizza. By taking our pizza making class you will also learn how to create the perfect cornicione, the nice thick rim that is only found on a Neapolitan style pizza.

This intense hands-on 3 day class has been designed to help you learn quickly on how to create gourmet pizza in a fire brick oven, and we promise that you will not be disappointed. 

There are many aspects to creating a fantastic tasting pizza, and here at Pizza Freaks we will teach you the many secrets, only known to master pizza chefs. 

This 3 Day Pizza Making Class Includes:

  • 35 Page Booklet (How to Guide)
  • How to make pizza dough properly, Neapolitan & New York Style.
  • Proper Dough Mixing and Bakers Percentages
  • Proper Kneading Time and Procedure.
  • How to do the Windowpane Test
  • Proper Doughball Weights
  • Proper Topping Portions
  • How To Hand Toss & Hand Stretch
  • Proper Cooking Temperatures
  • Product Wholesale Information
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 200 Pizza Recipes
  • Free Pizza Daily for Take Home

Total Pizza Course Cost – PHP15,000 per person

Advanced 6 Day Pizza Making & Management Class

This class includes your 6 days of pizza making and also includes operational training, management training and pizza menu development. If you are planning to have your own pizza restaurant, then we highly recommend that you take our commercial pizza making course. This is a sure way for you to start off in the right direction, knowing how to do things correctly from the beginning, and not having to learn as you go, this is exactly what the professionals here at Pizza Freaks help with.

Working in our high volume pizza restaurant, is exactly what you, the budding entrepreneur needs to experience, we help to build confidence and assurance, so that when you open your own restaurant, you are 100 percent ready to go from the day you turn the key.

In our advanced pizza making class you will learn about the fundamentals that include the following;

  • Developing Plate Cost
  • Controlling Food Cost
  • Figuring Period Cost
  • Managing Inventory Control
  • Waste Control
  • Product Quality Management
  • New Hire Management
  • Marketing Techniques
  • How To Layout a Pizza Store
  • How To Create a Proper Work Flow

This course has been designed to cover all of the fundamentals of operational side of a pizza restaurant, giving the student and excellent start in understanding on how to manage and operate their own pizza restaurant. After taking our advanced pizza making class you will graduate as a pizza master, with the ability to train others on the basics of creating truly awesome artisan brick oven pizza.

We are the only pizza restaurant in the Philippines to offer exclusive pizza making and management classes designed to teach people how to create, manage and start their own pizza restaurant, you will not find a more comprehensive program in the Philippines.

Upon graduation you will know how to create the best pizza, you will understand how to incorporate the proper portions of the best ingredients and you will understand the costing and business end, you will be a master pizza maker.

Our training here at Pizza Freaks is quite intense and very comprehensive, you will not find a better program anywhere. Upon leaving our store you will have worked the line by yourself during a busy schedule, you will have the confidence needed to go anywhere knowing you can create awesome looking and tasting artisan brick oven pizza completely from scratch.

6 Day Master Pizza Making Class Also Includes:

  • Ongoing Phone Support
  • Custom Manual Covering “Recipes, Opening & Closing, Safety, Sanitation, Employee Rules, Hiring & Termination Documents

Total Cost – PHP35,000 per person

Pizza Making & Consulting Includes:

Rick St. John has over 15 years of restaurant experience, that include working in some of the finest hotels in the United States of America, that include, Marriott Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Capital City Club, Little Caesars Pizza and Wendy's.

Is your restaurant losing money? Are having issues with creating a high quality product? What ever your issues are, Rick St. John can help, with his many years of experience, Rick promises to work hard to get your business back on the track of success. Please contact Rick St. John at anytime for a free consultation. +63-927-510-3661

Menu Creation: We will assist you in creating not only great tasting pizza, but we will also assist you in creating other great tasting dishes like, appetizers, entrees, pasta, salads and deserts for a full and rounded menu. We will give you all of the recipes with complete specification listings for each, and you will receive complete training on how to create each menu item. Having a menu that the public will embrace is absolute key to the success of your restaurant, you need to deliver items that your customers are craving, if not, all is lost.

We offer you over 200 recipes that have been put together by Rick and Jane St. John, many of these are recipes are used in our Pizza Freaks stores, with great satisfaction.

Restaurant Overview & Operational Manuals: We will provide you complete manuals that cover all aspects of operating a restaurant. Our manuals cover everything from health and safety practices to hiring the best people for each restaurant position. Our restaurant manuals are used by many industry professionals including many franchise companies. We also include training manuals that cover each work station, for both the front of the restaurant and the kitchen, these manuals are extremely professional and will help you operate at a very efficient level.

Restaurant Design Layouts: We can also assist with your store layout, having built our own stores we are professionals, and can help you find the most efficient setup. We can offer complete layouts in 3D so that you can see what the restaurant will look like prior to the actual build-out. Using a 3D model also helps you to visualize just how each station will interact with the corresponding station, this helps to save time and money.

Our restaurant layout will cover everything from equipment placement, to electrical, and plumbing, so that everything is completely understood prior to any actual building taking place. Our plans will help your construction company build out the store in a very efficient and timely manor, again this saves you both time and money.

Equipment Specifications: We will provide you with a list of the very best equipment for your store, based on our experience and personal usage. This step alone can save you a lot of time and money, having the wrong equipment can mean shutting down the restaurant until the proper equipment is acquired. Having experience in building and outfitting our own stores, we will provide you a list of the best places to acquire your ovens, refrigeration, tables, chairs, juice machines, plates, glasses, and even your POS (point-of-sale).

Print Menu and Logo Development: If you need a logo and menu design, we can also assist you with this, as we have done our own also. We can offer both in-house menu as-well-as takeout, with all original PSD files place onto a flash drive, you can take these directly to your printer.

Marketing Services: We can assist you with marketing surveys for your area, as-well-as as add copy, both very important services needed to have a successful marketing campaign.

Printing Services: Here at Pizza Freaks we can also assist you with any printing needs you may require. We can help you print everything from flyer's to your pizza boxes, and we offer the best price.

Grand Opening Press Release: Once your new pizza restaurant is open, alerting the general public to your new location is important, and we can help you with that by proving a fantastic press release that will be mailed to all of your contacts, as-well-as hundreds of other potential customers. We will also suggest to you a few other marketing campaigns that we have also found to be useful in attracting new customers.

On Site Opening Assistance: If needed we can provide you with a complete team of professionals to help with training your entire staff at your new pizza restaurant. Our team will not only assist you with setting up the store to be completely ready to sell your product, but can also assist in training your entire staff, everyone from the dishwasher to the manager.

On Site Pizza School Training: Yes, we do travel, so if you need us to be at your location, that is not a problem. Our team of professionals will go to your location and train your entire staff, just contact us directly.