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Pizza Products & Supplies for Sale

Here at Pizza Freaks we carry a large supply of pizza flour and other products related to pizza. If you are looking for specific pizza products and supplies, please let us know, we will do our best to accommodate you. All of our products listed here are for retail only, for wholesale pricing please contact us.

Molini Pizzuti "00" Traditional Italian Pizza FlourMOLINI PIZZUTI "00" FLOUR

Known as the traditional all purpose Italian flour, created from wheat, and used for pizza and pasta. This pizza flour is perfect for those who wish to mix their own flour for the ultimate in taste.

1 kg / each

10 per case

php130.00 / per kilo

Traditional Pizza Italian Pizza FlourFARINA per PIZZA TYPE "0" FLOUR

A special blend of different flours based on Italian tradition. Use Molini Pizzuti Pizza Flour to create the perfect pizza crust and cornicione. 

1 kg / each

10 per case

php165.00 / per kilo


Semolina FlourThis is a slightly course flour, created from middlings of durum wheat, that has been purified, used mostly for making pasta.



1 kg / each

10 per case

php195.00 / per kilo

La Mole Salame Piccante DrittoLa MOLE SALAME PICCANTE DRITTO

A slightly spicy salami from Calabria Italy, and made with spicy red peppers, a variety of different flavors of Paparika spice. If you are looking to create a wonderful pepperoni pizza then Napoli Piccante is just what you want.

1,014 grams / per package

php2,064.22 / per package

Wooden Pizza Peel for SaleWOODEN PIZZA PEEL FOR SALE

This pizza peel is good for a 12" pizza and is the perfect tool for placing your pizza into the oven. Stretch out your pizza dough to it's correct size, then place it on this wooden pizza peel, then easily slide it into your oven. You can view our video demonstration here,

12" wide x 21" long

php1,700.00 / each