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Restaurants along Pearl Drive and inside Pearl Plaza Ortigas Pasig City Philippines


If you are lucky enough to live in Ortigas Center of Pasig City here in the Metro-Manila area of the Philippines, then you most likely already know about the many wonderful places to eat at. Ortigas Center in general is a busy area with many businesses, including call centers that operate up-to 24 hours a day, with multiple shifts. Where you have so many diverse businesses, you will also need places that serve great food, and Ortigas Center in Pasig City is certainly no exception.

Pearl Drive is at the heart of Ortigas Center, with many wonderful places to enjoy some really diverse and interesting food. Pearl Drive is most famous due to the fact that the University of Asia and the Pacific is located on this street, UA&P is also one of the Philippines most prestigious universities. Pearl drive is located just along side of the Tektite Building or also known as the Philippines Stock Exchange Building, another major landmark here in Ortigas Center.


Along Pearl Dive in Ortigas Center is the Pearl Plaza, which is located directly across the street from the University of Asia and the Pacific, and has many fine restaurants along the buildings frontage, and also inside the Pearl Plaza building, along the ground floor and on the second floor.


At the entrance of the Pearl Plaza Building you will find, MISTER KABAB located on the 2nd floor, which was first established in 1987, they serve Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine. The food at Mister Kabab is delicious, with many business people from the area visiting this restaurant throughout the day, they stay busy due to their great tasting food, excellent service, and large restaurant space, great for large parties.

DISH 101

At Dish 101 you will find several small restaurants serving value meals, the FOOD CHANNEL serving the ever popular beef Shawarma, there is a small restaurant selling Sisig, and of course the Dimsum Frito Express. If you are looking for cheap eats, yet still delicious then check-out the DISH 101 located inside the Pearl Plaza, just in front of the Korean Barbecue and Pizza Freaks restaurant.


As you walk into the entrance of Pearl Plaza, you will see the JUMONG KOREAN BBQ, serving some of the best barbeque in this area. The Korea Barbeque restaurant is fairly large and spacious, so it's the perfect venue for large parties and company gatherings.

Pearl Plaza Entrance

(Baked in our Charcoal Fire Brick Oven)

Located just inside the entrance of the Pearl Plaza, next to the popular Korea Barbecue, you will find the PIZZA FREAKS restaurant, which opened on October 28 of 2014 and has become known for their famous Neapolitan Style Pizza, made from scratch using only the finest imported ingredients from Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Australia, the United States as-well-as many other countries. Pizza Freaks is a small restaurant, having only 12 seats available, however their is a plan to expand the store, to double it's size by mid August of 2014.

Pizza Freaks Many Happy Customers

Pizza Freaks offers over 54 different pizza flavors, and also many other meals other than pizza, for example you can get different rice meals like their, Cajun Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, Chili Con Carne with Rice. There are also excellent pasta dishes, their seafood Carbonara, chicken Alfredo, spaghetti with meat balls and much more.

Everything at Pizza Freaks is made from scratch, the owner of Pizza Freaks is an American from North Carolina, Mr. Rick St. John.


Located on the second floor, just behind MISTER KABAB you will find the Pins and Bricks Bistro, serving also pizza, the style of pizza is not known, however the dough appears to be very thin, similar to a pita bread dough. The menu offers also pizza, pasta and a few other dishes, with the pricing being focused on value.


At the front of the Pearl Plaza, you will find other restaurants, like the BB-Q Chicken & Beer restaurant, here you will enjoy a variety of different meals, some of the meals are designed for those on a budget, while other meals offer a bit more. Located on the second floor, you will find the view to be quite nice, as you eat your lunch or dinner you can also enjoy the street scene.



Located at the street in a small Kiosk type is the famous Angels Hamburgers, where you can get 2 burgers for the price of one. Angels Hamburgers serves budget priced burgers, great for those looking for a quick bite to eat, but not a full meal. Angels Hamburgers is open 24 hours every day, so if you are hungry at any hour, and you live here in the Ortigas area, then try Angels Hamburgers.


Located next to the Angels Hamburgers stand is Rufo's Famous Tapas, and yes they are also open 24 hours every day. Rufo's has been specializing in Filipino dishes since 1984, they are a great alternative to those not wanting to eat a burger, pizza or fried chicken. The meals at Rufo's are priced for the budget mined, and they also serve beer.

Starbucks Coffee & Dunkin Donuts


Located at the Pearl Plaza store frontage along the street, and just across from Rufo's Famous Tapas you will find STARBUCKS COFFEE. Like all other Starbucks Coffee places they serve not only their world famous coffee blends, but they also serve fruit cups, sandwiches, cakes and cookies. If you are looking for a place to chill-out for a while, then Starbucks Coffee on Pearl Drive here in Ortigas Center would be a good choice. 


Next to Starbucks Coffee you will find DUNKIN DONUTS, here you can enjoy an early morning cup of coffee with freshly made donuts, that are so super delicious. They have many different varieties of donuts, so you will have many wonderful choices, and they are open from early in the morning, and until late at night. 



Located at the front of Pearl Plaza and along the street frontage you will find the PANCAKE HOUSE, serving a delicious breakfast all day. Menu items include, pancakes, waffles, and their breakfast anytime menu.

​​CocoHut Restaurant


Located at the ground floor of Pearl Place a newly constructed condominium located along Pearl Drive here in Ortigas Center

Army Navy Restaurant


Located at the ground floor of Pearl Place, a newly constructed condominium located along Pearl Drive here in Ortigas Center you will find the Army Navy Restaurant serving burgers, burritos, fries among other specials. If you are looking for a quick meal, then drop by and enjoy a wonderful burger with some fries and your favorite cold drink.

Vera's Place & Restaurant


Located at the ground floor of Pearl Place, a newly constructed condominium along Pearl Drive here in Ortigas Center. Vera's place offers traditional Filipino food, with specialty dishes like Laing, Sinigang, Adobo among other favorites. 

7 Eleven Store on Pearl Drive


Located at the corner of Pearl Drive and , here you can buy your favorite snacks and even sit outside at their convenient patio area, complete with tables and benches. 

Total Pizza Course Cost – PHP10,000 per person

3 Day Individual Pizza & Dough Making Course

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